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Transformational Leadership

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Making Decisions and Shaping Changes

Planning and Designing Your Career

Managing Time and other Resources

Project Coaching

Objectives and Methodology

The objective of the coaching/consulting process is to support clients (individuals, teams, and organisations) in managing high demands and professional challenges on the basis of defining, optimizing and perfectly employing individuel and organisational competences, potentials and resources. 

Profound theoretical concepts, proven coaching methods, techniques and strategies tailored to the individual needs and objectives support clients in reflecting dynamics of communication, the individual role and position within organizational structures, hierarchies in institutions, information management, social networks, and frames of reference. On this basis conflicts and crises can be recognized and realized as opportunities.

Coaching and Organisational Consulting supports developing and strenghtening leadership skills, processes of development, transition and change. The services are designed to support clients in developing new perspectives and options, enhancing decision-making and communication skills and communication cuture, planning and managing a career, enhancing cooperation and team management.

To establish priorities, to develop individual strategies for a lasting, esteeming, and constructive handling of individual and organisational resources, work-life-balance and professional self management represent pivotal steps towards preventing burnout and assuring quality. 

An inter-/trans-methodological approach with a focus on systemic methodology combining goal oriented and process oriented strategies allows flexible and at the same time precise concepts tailored to the client's context and goals. The specific proceedings of the Coaching process / Organisational Consulting concerning content, time frame, and location will be arranged individually during the initial conversation with the client.


One-on-One / Individual Sessions

Group/Team Sessions 

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